The best memories are often made on a whim. Whenever you’re up for an adventure, we’re ready for you!



We live and breathe travel, across the globe. Whether it’s the newest hotspot or the most hidden gem – we’re sure to share it with you.



No two bucket lists are the same. With our tailored itineraries, you’re always guaranteed a truly one-of-a-kind adventure.



We are dedicated to ensuring your adventures leave our environment happy and healthy. We take pride in offering sustainable experiences.

About Us

As one of the most renowned tour operators in the region, Arabian Adventures delivers exceptional service with true Arabian hospitality. With over 35 years of industry experience, we ensure every adventure is hassle-free and leaves guests with everlasting memories. Boasting unmatched local knowledge and speaking a range of languages, our professional guides share fascinating facts and jaw-dropping stories to enrich your experiences.


Safe and seamless adventures

Being part of the Emirates Group, providing our guests with high-quality service whilst ensuring the safety of our experiences, is our main priority. We follow the highest safety and service standards in all of our endeavours and hold our partners to the same standard. With Arabian Adventures, guests can always expect a seamless and truly enjoyable experience.



Arabian Adventures is committed to sustainable travel. We are passionate about our environment and making sure our experiences and partnerships reflect that. We organise and take part in various environmental initiatives, donate a portion of Dubai-based safari fees towards the conservation of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) where are safaris take place, and are continuously looking for more ways to ensure your adventures leave our planet happy and healthy.


Adventures for all

Arabian Adventures is dedicated to providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences to all travellers, which is why we are constantly expanding our portfolio, to help you make the most of all that the UAE has to offer. Our outstanding adventures go well beyond our renowned desert safaris, giving you the chance to embark on inspiring city sightseeing tours, visit world-famous attractions, discover the rich heritage of the UAE, and much more. Most experiences are available in a variety of languages and with the option to choose a private or shared experience. Whatever the requirement, our dedicated team is here to make your travel dreams a reality.

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